We are 100% compliant as indicated by Masthead

Under the Policy protection rules (PPR) we require signed copies of the following documents. Contact us with questions regarding these, the FICA or PPR.

Compliance and regulation require that we need to have copies of the following on record for all our clients.

FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) requirements:

  • Identity document
  • SARS tax number and registration confirmation & front page of your latest tax return will do
  • Proof of residential address on a utility bill
  • Bank account confirmation
  • These documents need to be certified. We are also required by PPR (policy holder protection rules) to have on file confirmation that you have been presented with the credentials of our business and your rights as a policy holder.

  • Your consent to draw information and make recommendations is a further requirement.
  • Our broker authority to be signed by you the client
  • Statutory requirements of the long term insurance act
  • All additional requirements on our brokerage in terms of legislation have been met and can be obtained on request.

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