Afken is a modern business with traditional values, courage, quality, integrity, excellence in execution, and respect. Together these values make up what we call the Afken spirit. Our success relies on each one of us giving our clients the best service and fulfilling those needs to the best of our ability.

You don’t need speed to succeed. Just direction.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management Specialists

Qualified in Financial Planning and Wealth Management, these team members will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that your lifestyle and/or Business needs are up to date and in line with your changing circumstances. The Financial Planners will use a six step process to assist you in determining the best products and services for your needs.

Para Planners

Our in house para planners are also qualified as Financial Planners , however, they are based in the office and their role is to check your portfolio and assist with any telephonic Financial Planning advice you may require.


Medical Aid Group & Individual Specialists

These individuals will assist you with new or current medical aid schemes.

Financial Planning Admin Support Team

The support team is their to assist you with any changes you may require eg change of beneficiary (non advice giving ) these individuals also receive extensive training and will be in contact with you throughout the year to set up your reviews , update contact details and assist with any other administrative function.

Short Term Personal & Commercial Consultants

We have both personal and Commercial Short Term Insurance consultants ( Some of these individuals are qualified in both) that will assist you with anything from car ,household and other personal Insurance through to office , buildings , aviation , marine and other Commercial Insurance. These individuals will assist you with claims submission and follow up , comparative & competitive quotations , advice and changes you may request or require.

It takes passion to start a business, and planning to sustain it.