A message from the future ….

The Endangered Wildlife Trust Fund
…. is the promise that our wildlife stays where it belongs, that I inherit the natural beauty that I was born into and that you care enough to keep my favourite animals from becoming extinct.

This year, over 500 of our threatened Blue Cranes have been illegally taken out of the wild; 333 rhinos were killed in 2010 just for their horns and so far 25 already this year; less than 400 Wild Dogs roam South African soil and over 80% of our rivers are polluted.

At this rate, by the time I am grown up it may already be too late for me to do anything to protect what is left of our beautiful earth.

So I am writing to you now, while there is still time. If we do not do something now I may, one day, have to explain to my younger brothers and sisters (or my future children) what the wonderful mating dance of our National Bird used to look like, how Wild Dogs used to hunt and just how fast the Cheetah could run. Help me leave them with more than words.

On behalf of the millions of other children with my same dream and the future generations who are not yet able to speak for themselves, please support wildlife conservation. From the majestic Big Five to the smallest grassland species and our rivers and wetlands – please help me keep our natural heritage alive.

Support the Endangered Wildlife Trust and ensure that I am able to look forward to the life you currently enjoy. You will be giving us the greatest gift of all – the gift of wildlife.
Join hands with me and donate generously to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Dare to Care with us!