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Outrun the Risks!

Our Short Term Team and Health teams objective is to provide unique, cost effective risk solutions, we adopt a pragmatic and holistic risk management approach, which ensures that all risks are identified, minimised and, when necessary, transferred via the insurance mechanism

We guide our clients in analysing their risk exposures, highlighting both the insured and uninsured risks. Clients purchase insurance with total peace of mind, which in turn enables them to concentrate on what they do best, their business.

Our Risk Planning Solutions Guide

Life Cover

Life cover ensures that your financial responsibilities are taken care of in the event of your death. It replaces the income you would have earned during your working life, ensuring that your family is financially secure.

Have peace of mind and know that your loved ones and family are financially provided for.

Having life cover in place will ensure that your surviving spouse, partner or nominated beneficiary of your children:

  • Can settle significant debt like a bond, credit card debt or car repayments.
  • Can pay for children’s education.
  • Have enough money available to help pay for living expenses.

We have both local and offshore life cover options.

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Severe Illness Cover

Surviving a severe illness isn’t easy, but with the right cover, you can focus on recovery , instead of the medical bills. Severe illness cover offers financial protection against illnesses such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

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Disability Cover

Disability cover ensures that you’ll continue to have an income, even if you're no longer able to work due to illness or injury. It provides for expenses that occur because of the disability suffered, for example, alterations to your vehicle or home. It isn’t just about planning for the worst to happen. It’s a positive step toward protecting your financial future.

Income Protection 

It provides an income if you’re unable to work due to illness, impairment or disability

Most people plan and dream based on the assumption that they’ll continue to earn an income until they retire. But what if something happens to you and you’re unable to work? Income certainty determines your quality of life and your family’s financial security.

Without an income you would be left struggling to pay for your financial expenses like school fees or bond repayments. Income protection cover will give you peace of mind that your financial expenses will be taken care of.

Protect your children's education in the event of something happening to you

We cover your children's education fees if you die, or become ill or disabled. The Global Education Protector from helps to pay for children's education from crèche to university, locally or abroad.

In most households, short-term insurance premiums form a large part of the budget. If you can save on these premiums and get the same or better cover, you can then use that “saved” premium in other areas of your wealth building strategy.
Vehicle insurance is no longer an option, it’s as essential as the fuel in your tank and the air in your tyres. With so many cars on our roads these days, the chances of being involved in an accident are higher than they’ve ever been. Unfortunately we are also more at risk of becoming victims of hijackers and stolen vehicles.
Afken offers three types of cover for your vehicle:
  • Comprehensive (includes Accident Cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft).
  • Third part fire and theft
  • Third party only
Household Contents Insurance is absolutely vital. Just think about everything you have in your home, from your furniture to your curtains, appliances to your artworks and think about how much time and money you spent on every single item. Now imagine how much it would cost to replace all of that.
We offer cover for general valuables, those items you usually wear or carry while away from home ‘like your clothing, briefcase or handbag. You can also specify individual items like cell phones, laptops, spectacles, bicycles, jewellery etc. to be insured for an amount of your choice, remember, it’s often the smallest things that are the most valuable so don’t neglect to insure them.
Homeowners Insurance (also called Building Insurance) is designed to protect you financially against accidental loss or damage to the physical structure of your property.

Personal Effects

Every day you leave home with an array of valuable goods and apart from the inconvenience you experience when losing these items, replacing them could be costly.

  • You can insure items such as cell phones, jewellery, cameras, expensive clothing, fire arms, laptop computers etc.
  • There is wider cover with no geographical limits

Pleasure Craft

No matter how sunny the sky or tranquil the waters, an unfortunate watercraft accident can have some dreadful consequences.

This option covers:

  • Yachts, catamarans, dinghies, motor boats, rubber ducks and jet skis etc.
  • All machinery and motors, standard fittings, gears, equipment and fitted accessories included
  • Not only when the craft is ashore or afloat, but also when transported
  • Medical costs, third party liability and optional water-skiers liability cover is included

Art & Private Client Cover

Our art and private client options cover the breadth of high value assets from museums and mansions to holiday homes and exotic cars.

  • High value household and contents
  • Fine Art
  • Classic Cars
  • Motor


We insure everything from the Cape Silver through to Georgian Furniture, from Fine Porcelain to Bronze Sculpture, from paintings by the masters to the Contemporary, from stamps to sporting memorabilia, from books to coins to jewellery.

Whether you’re a private collector, corporation, museum, commercial gallery or auctioneer, we can cover your artworks for risks of loss or damage.

From the restoration of fragile or mixed media contemporary art to the recovery of stolen works.

The range of art we insure is as diverse as the people who buy, sell and show it. We also offer bespoke cover for a range of specialist collectibles including musical instruments, classic cars, vintage aircraft and stamps.

There will always be risk in business.
Thankfully, you can plan for it.

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