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Business Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

No matter how small or large your Business may be, we have a plan for you. As a business owner, you face several competing demands: growing your company, retaining talented employees , protecting your assets and designing strategies to ensure the continuity of the business and even after the workday ends, your responsibilities do not. You still have to plan for your retirement and your family’s future. So how can one busy person possibly address all these needs?

The Afken Group can help you manage your business and personal finances as two parts of one integrated whole. We know that your life and your life’s work are inextricably linked. So we take the time to gain understanding of your goals and your business in order to propose strategies that address your needs both at work and at home.

Business Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Have you taken a good look at, and re-viewed your company’s benefits package lately? Is it up to date, competitive, in line with or better than your competition? If it’s been a while, maybe you should. It’s one of the best culture-defining, recruit-ing and retention tools you’ll ever have.Your employees are your business’s big-gest asset. By providing benefits, you are not only recognising their value, but mak-ing their futures a little more secureSmall and emerging companies offer many advantages that big companies don’t. A tremendously attractive benefits package generally isn’t one of them.

Without the large numbers of employees required to negotiate favourable insurance deals and affordable financial services, small firms can’t compete head-to-head with large companies for benefits, however, at The Afken Group we are able to assist all types of Businesses irrespective of size due to our favourable offerings our product providers and our affiliation with a number of partners including the National Small Business Chamber of South Africa

Many employers in small to medium size businesses are great at looking after everyone, except themselves. Their taxes are collected. Their accountants and lawyers are paid. Their creditors are happy,and their family’s’ and personal interests are at the greatest risk.
The Afken Group offers services that range from assuring the owners personal finances for risk events, covering issues involving key persons in the business, making sure the owners’ retirement goals are met.

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