Outreach Projects

Dogs Trust

Provide | Protect | Educate

Dog Trust supply food, collars and kennels at central points and scout into the township to assist sick and neglected animals, they protect by vaccinating, sterilizing & de-worming, they distribute care leaflets and educate owners to ease abuse and neglect.

Dogs Trust assist with accidental, neglect, human cruelty organized dog fighting cases which almost always result in the need for medical intervention, rehabilitation, and re-homing.


We feed between 150 – 300 township dogs weekly and also do our best to donate collars, leads, kennels, blankets and shading when possible


We send our scouts into the townships daily to find animals that are abused, neglected, injured or kept in substandard environments.


We assist with cases of neglect, cruelty, injury and dog fighting. We also offer vaccinations, sterilisations, deworming and dipping on a regular basis


We educate owners and distribute information leaflets to help ease the abuse and neglect that hundereds of township dogs suffer on a daily basis

At Afken, we recognise the importance of animal welfare in creating a compassionate and sustainable community. Our financial contributions aid the Dog Trust in its various initiatives, and ensure that abandoned and mistreated dogs find loving homes.

Grow A Tree SA - Education and sustainability are key now and for generations to come, at Afken we feel strongly about preservation and growth.

Environmental education is a priority, Grow A Tree run workshops with school learners on the benefits of trees. Trees are also grown from seed on-site and then when they are old enough they are planted in community and school spaces

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